Streamlined receivables



Easy payments for your customers. And for you.

Send lots of invoices and/or reminders? Armed with a link to let customers pay directly with online payment methods? We do it often and well. Contact us via email, phone or chat to discuss how it works for your system and how much it costs for your volume.

We also offer larger and more complex solutions. Read about them below.


Request-to-Pay is a universal concept to get transaction details from the source to the payer for fast and accurate payments. Our API connects everything: where an RTP originates, how you send them, and how people can pay.

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PSP Reconciliation

NEW! Many corporate back offices struggle with settlement files from PSPs. Complex custom formats that prevent automated matching and cash allocation. We convert them to the standards your systems need.

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Touchless Payments

COVID-19 demands minimizing physical touchpoints in stores or at the door. An RTP via email or SMS is a great way to replace cash, and even cards that may require swiping, sliding and entering PIN codes.

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Identification, a Direct Debit mandate, bank account verification, a down payment to mitigate credit risk… You have to balance convenience and certainty, whether that’s online or on location. We make things digital, easy and secure.

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Online Retail

Pay in advance or on invoice. At once or in parts. Online, from a message or at the door. Conversational commerce via WhatsApp or chat. Dynamic email as an extension of your web shop. Use cases to differentiate.

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Contact Centers

Whether your contact center does service, sales or collections, many interactions lead to a transaction. Enabling those with a payment request via email, text or WhatsApp is easy, secure and avoids PCI-DSS requirements.

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Channel Strategy

People’s daily inboxes are the best place for transactional messages to get attention: email, SMS, chat. But you also want to bring relevance to your client portal and mobile app, and still have a group of customers getting paper.

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International Payments

We’re following our clients abroad. People in some 20 countries receive our RTPs today – in the right language and currency.  Armed with the best local and/or international payment methods, directly or via gateways.

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Paper suppression

Getting rid of your last paper invoices and reminders is a lofty cause. But also a means to finally obtain digital addresses for all your customers and a (GDPR) opt-in to also use them for other communications.

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Credit Management

Mandates, invoices, failed autopayments, reminders, dunning notices, summations, payment plans. All interactions to optimize through different channels. We orchestrate (and minimize) every step of the way.

Cash Forecasting

Millions of RTPs per month give our Data Science team insight into their chance of being paid. Our predictive models are used to optimize flows, but also to give Treasury a view of the cash flow they can expect.

Instant Payments everywhere

Real-time notification of timely accurate payments. Whether it's from an email, a text reminder, or the client portal. Reach and serve customers in every channel, even paper. With real-time bills armed with easy and secure online payment options.

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