Reference case: Salesforce

Salesforce brings together a comprehensive set of customer data in a single, integrated platform enabling companies to build a customer-centered business with effective marketing, efficient sales efforts, world-class customer service and valuable business analytics.Download

Reference case: Thomas Cook 

Customers receive an acceptemail in their inbox, instead of a request for a one-time authorization. The acceptemail can be paid directly – and payment is guaranteed. A great advantage for Thomas Cook.


Reference case: Santander 

To cut down on overdue loan payments, the collections department at Santander Consumer Finance Benelux relies principally on Serrala Alivate RTP. One day after a loan goes past due, the timer function kicks in and generates a payment reminder.


Improving payment behavior

Clients who pay late are a worry. Especially for entrepreneurs. To ensure overdue invoices are paid, it’s often necessary to keep reminding, encouraging and urging customers to comply. Why not use insight and simplicity to improve payment behavior!

Safety and usability

Sending digital payment and authorization requests should not be entrusted to just anyone. Read what measures we have taken in the fact sheet "Safety and usability".


Paying bills the easy way

We get your customers to pay quicker by eliminating all the friction. This results in up to 70% lower costs for billing and dunning, 10% less incoming call center traffic and higher overall customer satisfaction.


Want to send out real-time payment requests via WhatsApp, Messenger or email?

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