Opportunities for every industry 

When thousands of customers need to pay you

Organizations serving lots of consumers or small businesses. They often face similar challenges around payments. Even if many of their customers are on direct debit or autopay. And even if they built a nice customer portal. There is still a lot to innovate, optimize or even digitize. With specific opportunities and challenges for every industry. 



Insurers compete on convenience like few othersWith precious few touchpointspayment options make or break customer satisfaction. Many insurers find us for that, and for their own internal efficiency. 

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Price, sustainability… and customer satisfaction. Energy companies are focusing on the customer journey, and payment interactions are a crucial component. Digitize and optimize onboarding, billing and collection. 

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Beyond the regular use cases across channels, telecom operators specifically benefit from our solution’s real-time status updates to enable quick top-up, quick restoration of service and last-chance reminders.  

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Manufacturers, financial services, dealerships, lease companies, public transport: whether it is for discrete invoices, recurring bills or customer service via WhatsApp, paying should be a frictionless part of the journey. 

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Travel & Leisure 

Advance payment instalments, reminders for invoices, expiring reservations, last-minute booking, on-site changes or upgrades, or mandates for direct debit. All online payments enabled from email, SMS or chat. 

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Are you a supplier to many small businesses? Offer these busy customers convenient payment, on invoice or when they need to pay in advance because of credit risk. From a distance or at the counter. In any country. 

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It’s not just the rent. Even the rent isn’t always on direct debit or autopay. And even those can and do fail. In all those situations, Request-To-Pay is the best way to reach people and let them pay. Right from your ERP.  



Water companies also want to improve the customer experience, even if they’re the only game in town. If only for internal efficiency, by minimizing and automating dunning and collections processes with flawless matching. 



Universities, colleges, high schools and primary schools. Even daycare. They all need to reach students of their parents – for tuition, but also for field trips and other contributions. Possibly for international students as well. 



A good idea can also work abroad – if properly localized. Deploy our payment requests across countries, from a Shared Service Center. In the right language and currency, armed with the right payment methods or providers.  



Retail banks use Alevate RTP to help customers make payments on cards, loans and other products. But we can also white-label our platform and solution for commercial banks to grow relevance and revenue with corporates. 


Software vendors

Suppliers of ERP, CRM, AR and Accounting software can plug in our universal Request-to-Pay framework with just a few API calls. A single point of integration to connect every channel to any payment method or provider. 


Online Retail 

A down payment for high-value e-commerce? Offer some time to think or chase abandoned carts? Cash on delivery, on invoice or in parts? During a conversation via chat or WhatsApp? Sign up for your subscription? We can help. 



Hospitals and other healthcare providers often need people to pay for something themselves. Uninsured procedures or (foreign) patients. RTP via email or SMS enables online payment with real-time confirmation. 


Service Providers 

Are you in debt collection, customer service or output management for larger corporates? With our tooling you’re more innovative and efficient. You can start standalone and then integrate into your systems and processes. 

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