Paying is connecting.

A payment request is a connection. Between customer and company, between bill and payment, between a system on one end and an app on the other end. Our SaaS platform lets you make those connections. For individual transactions, but also for authorizing direct debit or identification purposes. 


Mix-and-match for every scenario

Sending thousands of bills or reminders from your ERP package every Tuesday, via email and to your portal, with online payment options. Follow up by SMS when someone does not read their email. Or an on-demand payment request in a chat conversation for a last-minute order from Germany to pay with Sofort. A recurring payment authorization during or right after onboarding. A Pay Now button in your app or in a PDF file. 

They are mere examples of the many ways in which companies and other organizations deploy Serrala Alivate RTP. Already easily and beautifully implemented with our secure and scalable cloud-based software. And that's before you get to our unique and innovative features. To help your customers and yourselves even better.




Whether you are ready to call our API or can more easily deliver batch export files via SFTP, connecting to our service is very doable. More and more applications already have a direct integration available.

Payment Requests

When you know who needs to pay what by when, we turn that into a pre-packaged transaction that you can distribute in multiple channels with a button or a link. To be paid only once, until the date and time you determined.


The payment requests are typically wrapped into messages to reach customers in the apps they use every day (and on their mobile). Email, text and chat. Serrala takes care of perfect delivery and layout - as if your brand sent them.

Bank Transfer

Many countries have commercial vendors or cross-bank initiatives for consumers to pay directly from their bank accounts. PayWithMyBank with Verified ACH in the U.S., while Europe has Trustly, Sofort, EPS, iDEAL and others. We will gladly explain the options and benefits.


A payment request can be offered across multiple channels simultaneously or over time. First an email and then a text, with a live copy in the client portal and the Customer Contact system. Status is synchoirnized everywhere in real-time.

Cards & Wallets

Next to payment methods close to bank accounts, we also support debit and credit cards, Paypal, local methods like Bancontact in Belgium, and more. Let us recommend a Payment Service Provider or plug into your existing one(s) - we'll hook you up eiter way.

Recurring payments

Every brand wants to offer subscriptions these days, with consumers signing a mandate for direct debit or authorizing their card for autopay. Serrala sets you and them up based on a country's models, and also follows up failed payments with reminders.



Serrala lets you add a PDF to a message or make it available (password-protected) on the landing page. You can also get a live PDF copy of sent emails for your own archive, or the customers' on their client portal.



If customers don't pay you can automatically send them a preminder via the same or a different channel. Or, you let them choose from the initial email with our new Snooze feature. It gives the customer some time, but also peace of mind with a timely reminder.


Track the status of every payment request in real-time, and know instantly when someone paid - even if the money still takes a day or two to make it to your account. Depending on the payment method, you can act straight away, for last-minute or last-chance service.


Our emails and Pay Now buttons change color when they are paid or expired, and thus from request to receipt. But they can also show a current price, or reveal a QR code after (fast) payment. The possibilities are endless.



Serrala knows whether payment requests were received, opened, clicked and paid. You can see and leverage this valuable behavioral data in our dashboard, use it with PowerBI, or ingest via API or SFTP for usage in your own systems.

Instant payments everywhere.

Real-time notification of timely accurate payments. Whether it's from an email, a text reminder, or the client portal. Reach and serve customers in every channel, even paper. With real-time bills armed with easy and secure online payment options.

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