Professional Services from a pragmatic partner.


Expertise and manpower with a proven approach

Serrala lets you create, send and track payment requests from your systems. An elegant concept that does require some expertise and attention to do it well. It touches customer contact, money flows and data after all, bringing multiple disciplines together:

  • Customer Journey & Experience
  • Communication & Design
  • Integration & Data
  • Security & Privacy
  • Payments & Finance
  • Email & Messaging

All those things are well taken care of in our software, but it can still be useful if you also have our people to help you design, implement, operate and improve the solution as part of the bigger picture. That is why we offer Professional Services to our clients. Pragmatic services that can scale up as you need more capability to execute.

Services for every phase

Using Serrala improves processes, eliminates cost, makes customers happier and brings more money in faster. But how do you start and succeed, especially if you work in a complex organisation with systems unable to just make a few calls to our API? Or if you don't have email addresses or mobile phone numbers for many of your customers? We will be glad to help out.

  • Advice & Design
  • Implementation
  • Migration & Education
  • Operation & Support
  • Evaluation & Optimalisation

We have clients who have implemented our standard solution with minimal one-time help from us, especially if they work from a system that already integrates with us.

But we also have clients who asked us to take on project management, become embedded in their Agile/Scrum teams, guard the quality of their data and templates, and help ideate their omnichannel payments strategy. Nothing is mandatory, a lot is possible.

"They noticed things that we would sometimes miss."

Getting things done at a large organisation can be daunting, sometimes not leaving enough time for quality. Serrala makes sure you deliver data securely, that it is complete and correct, and processed into messages that look good everywhere. Next to that we can take care of project management, which can come in handy if you have many internal stakeholders involved.

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