Accepting international payments

If you do business abroad, you'll have to offer local or global payment methods. With perhaps a different currency, tied to a different beneficiary bank account. And wrapped in messages in a different language. Maybe you are just venturing into Germany, maybe you're a global multinational with five Payment Services Providers. How do you deal with this to optimize billing & collections, perhaps from Shared Service Center?

We directly support a large number of payment methods in Europe and North America including Paypal and have standard integrations with over 100 gateways to support credit cards and many other alternatives. This enables you to offer the best solution for every country and individual customer. There is only a one time need to integrate once in order to deploy your entire Quote-to-Cash process.


International rollout

Many of the brands we serve started in the Netherlands or another country. With everything set up and the concept proven, rolling out to other countries was an easy and logical thing to do. Both our software and our people are ready for your international needs.


If all your customers have a Dutch bank account, it usually is sufficient to offer iDEAL: trusted, fast and irreversible payments. Because we prefill in all of the data in advance, your customers can not make mistakes payment details such as amount, invoice or account number. For Serrala Alivate RTP the only thing you need is an iDEAL account for your payment deposits. As soon as your customer has completed their purchase, the new payment status will be immediately visible in their customer portal dashboard. Serrala integrates with all Dutch banks.


Sofort is originally a German payment method that, like iDEAL, facilitates payments directly from your customer's bank account. And just like iDEAL, these payments are irreversible putting peace to mind that the money will actually be deposited while you use the real-time status update of Serrala Alivate RTP to start delivery. Serrala integrates with Sofort and offers attractive fixed rates instead of a percentage of the amount paid.


Paypal is a great payment solution to offer in case many of your customers do not have a Dutch bank account (so that iDEAL is not an option). This can, of course, be the case in the Netherlands but especially when you offer products or services internationally. Serrala has partnered directly with Paypal with whom we work together to serve the American market.


Bancontact / Mister Cash is a popular online payment method, especially in Belgium. Since it is dependent on a credit card, Serrala only offers this method via a link through a Payment Service Provider who is responsible for the required PCI Compliance. Contact us and we would be more than happy to tell you more about this option for your Belgian clients or operations.

Credit cards

Credit cards are a popular payment method, especially in many countries outside of the Netherlands. You can pay on credit, have it in your wallet or phone while enjoying protection against fraudulent transactions. This is why conventional credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are often offered as payment options. Serrala can support this via one of the many Payment Service Providers with whom we have an integration. 

Authorizations and collections

Issuing a digital authorization for direct debit is often done with a "checkmark" and having to fill in a cumbersome IBAN number. Awkward and unreliable with the added risk of reversals which can potentially lead to compliance issues. Serrala offers an easier and more robust solution by using an iDEAL payment as a debit withdrawal method. You can decide to use a symbolic amount of € 0.01 or debit the first subscription payment immediately. You can choose the options for authorizations (end date, amount, etc.), and we can take care of the SDD processing as well.


Dutch banks have developed eMandates as a SEPA-compliant mechanism to allow consumers to digitally fill out and sign a payment authorization form for a direct debit. Serrala is a certified Mandate Service Provider and we offer these forms via any supported channel - an email or SMS for example. This allows Serrala to help with the onboarding of new customers.

Local and International

Do you require other payment options because, for example, you operate with local payment methods in other countries? Thanks to our partnership with multiple Payment Service Providers we offer integrations with virtually every available payment method. For example, verified ACH in the United States, enabling withdrawals directly from a customer's bank account. Our people understand payment and international markets and would be happy to discuss with the best solution for your specific needs.

Languages, currency, and time

Serrala operates already in quite a few European countries as well as the United States. In addition to local payment methods, we also support local languages and currencies. We even take into account time zone differences in order to determine when a payment request expires.

And if necessary, we can involve international partners where needed.

Doing business internationally? 

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