In order to compete, you have to be omnipresent and use all the available channels that customers can and want to use.

You have invested in a website, a custom app, and other digital properties. You are present on social media, various chat communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, and of course, use email which is by far still the most reliable channel for transactional messages.

In the meantime, customers still use their phone to contact your call centers. How do you support and integrate all of this when it comes to authorizations and payments without it becoming one big mess?

At Serrala, omni-channel is more than just a nice buzzword and really means something. A payment request can be initiated and tracked in multiple channels all at the same time.

You may send a payment reminder via a different channel than the initial request. Meanwhile, the call center always has an up to date and complete picture of what the current current status is.

Serrala keeps everything synchronous, in real time. Paid has been paid, expired has expired. Immediate clarity for everyone - even if a student has sent the bill to dad or mom.

Be where they are

Consumers nowadays want to choose which apps they use to communicate and take care of things, and that increasingly includes authorizing payments and subscriptions.

Easily unlock any channel used by your customers to present payment requests that they can complete quickly and safely. Follow all payments live and automatically update your CRM system in real time.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Messaging
  • LiveChat
  • Online environment
  • Website
  • In-app
  • Paper / PDF


Email remains the most used B2C communications channel for commercial, transactional, and service messages. Pretty much everyone online has an email address and sees messages appear daily independent of the device they are using.

Email is ideal for reaching people with a payment request which is why we have innovated the feature allowing your customers to make a payment directly from within an email.

We optimize results as our dynamic emails automatically adjust to status and time allowing you to see in real time whether they have been received, opened, and paid. Our proprietary technology ensures high deliverability rate to ensure your emails always arrive and render regardless of device.


SMS is suitable for reaching people and getting their attention, precisely because it is still mainly used by companies for important reports and status updates. This makes it an attractive channel for payment requests with a direct link to complete payment.

The ability to automate payment reminders for accounts with outstanding bills for example. Or pushed from a call center while the customer is on the line with a customer service agent.

With Serrala you can even make the underlying invoice or reservation available as a PDF on the payment page. This transforms it into a fully-fledged transactional channel that eliminates the time-consuming and fraud-sensitive recording of credit card numbers and email addresses.


Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and other apps are increasingly becoming important B2C communication channels.

Customers want to finalize transactions in the channel of their choice such as that last-minute booking or payment arrangement for an outstanding bill. 

And Serrala makes all of this possible while enriching your payment requests with your logo and a shortened URL. 


Conversational commerce is the new trend, which requires that the customer payment experience is a seamless and natural part of the dialogue.

Whether a customer interaction with your company is through by a live representative or a chatbot, payment requests need to be generated on-the-fly. And once your customer has made a payment, the representative or chatbot must respond to this new payment status accordingly.

Serrala facilitates all of this and ensures that a payment confirmation is automatically sent by email and made available in the customer's online account.

Customer portal

Insurance, telecom, energy, and home rental companies are investing a lot in customized internet environments to facilitate the communication with their customers.

Customer portals provide a secure environment to display such items as paid and outstanding invoices or requests for direct debit authorization. With Serrala, customers can easily make payment authorizations and complete payments. Once this is done the payment status is immediately updated and made visible to your customer. Status updates are independent of the channel in which your customer received the payment request.


Many people want to take the time to think before they make significant purchases on a website. A reservation for a flight or insurance for example.

The reason for abandoned shopping carts has more to do with human purchase behavior and less to do with site issues. The ability for customers to email their shopping cart to themselves improves conversions by allowing them to pay when they are ready to complete the purchase resulting in capturing revenue that would otherwise be lost.


Adding payment features to mobile apps is easy with Serrala. The dynamic payment button provides access to the payment methods you want to offer via your bank or Payment Service Provider (PSP). This reduces your development costs dramatically, even if you would ever decide to change your PSP in the future.

For example, Serrala can be deployed and made available to your customers with their first purchase from within the app to keep onboarding as simple as possible after download. That first purchase functions as the authorization to confirm future purchases with one click.


Although more and more people handle all of their payments digitally, snail mail remains a significant and important communications channel.

Digi-phobia and resistance of consumer to adapt to online payment solutions or your company for that matter simply never bothered to systematically collect email addresses or cell phone numbers.

Serrala is the solution that easily addresses these challenges. We provide invoices which include a short and easy-to-read link (or QR code) to pay online sending your customer straight to a prefilled out payment page.


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