On a silver platter

Call it a bill, statement of purchase, an IOU or something else. Too often an invoice is still simply a piece of paper or pdf that requires the customer to copy and paste details. This leads to postponement, errors, and lack of clarity about the payment status. From now on, present easy to pay transactions with prefilled details that the customer can easily pay with card, ACH, Paypal or other online payment methods.

With the aim of making paying easier than postponing, and using that experience as a valuable contact moment. Offer more convenience while collecting behavioral customer data to help optimize your strategies over time.


Be everywhere in the Quote-To-Cash cycle

Present real-time payment requests, permissions, and verifications in the right channel and at the right time. For Finance this translates to more timely payments, fewer outstanding invoices, and better cash flow.

  • Offers
  • Permissions
  • Invoices
  • Reminders
  • Tickets
  • Last-minute purchases
  • Identity verification
  • Payment arrangements

A communication plan for every payment request 

No matter how easy and optimized the payment process may be, not everyone will pay immediately when a payment request is sent out. That is not necessary but it is nice if you proactively help your customers to do so before the payment due date. For example, by tracking whether your email has been received and opened. If this is not the case after a few days, you can, for example, send a link to the same payment request by SMS. If the email is read but not paid, you can resend the same email as a reminder well before the payment expiration date.

Reward timely payment 

Motivating a customer to pay in time is usually done by using the stick: the threat of additional administration or collection costs if they fail to pay on time. Why not use the carrot approach by helping your customers not to forget the bill in the first place. You do this instead by offering a reward if the customer pays the invoice immediately, today, or within a week. For example, with a discount code embedded in the payment request with a preset expiration date. This turns an annoying job into a pleasant surprise.

Want to send real-time payment requests through WhatsApp, Messenger or email?

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