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Digital Transformation Service


Your customers can go digital. But how do you get everyone on board?



These days every brand can communicate digitally with customers. To do so, you need a way of contacting those customers digitally, for instance via an email address or a mobile phone number. Seems obvious, but such data is often still missing or incorrect for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of customers – who you can therefore only reach by post (or landline). Forcing everyone to stop receiving paper leads to negative reactions and churns. Using campaigns asking people to register digital contact details yields low conversion rates.

Piles of mail cost piles of money

And so output management keeps mailing envelopes with administration, marketing, invoices and reminders. With negative consequences for revenue, efficiency, cash flow, customer satisfaction – and the environment. Missed opportunities and extra cost. A concrete example? Lots of people make mistakes rekeying payment details like amount and reference into a bank transfer from paper. This causes exceptions in reconciliation, resulting in manual case handling and negative customer contact.




Most stakeholders shrug their shoulders: these are all old people you’re not going to change anymore. Even though these old people aren’t walking cash to the bank anymore. They use internet banking, receive emails, and chat with their grandchildren.

A new chance

You can attack this status quo with AcceptEasy. We offer an intricate solution to this problem, developed together with some large clients and now generally available.

We'd happily show you The Digital Transformation Service. In order for you to see how to offer customers a safe but low-effort way to take the first step from paper to digital. If and when they want, also for the next step.

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