Onboarding new customers

As a product manager, online marketer, or web designer you do everything to increase conversion and sign people up to your version of the subscription economy. The minimal number of steps a customer has to take, or fields to fill out, to move your customer to the desired end goal.

But often this is at the expense mitigating credit and fraud risk. Do you have a verified identity and contact details? Can you trust that someone's source of funds is really theirs?

We believe that banks are pretty good at knowing who their customers are and who has access to a given account. So someone making a payment from a bank account is a pretty great way to authorize direct debits / recurring payments from that bank account. 

If you want or need to also offer autopay based on credit cards, we can set that up for you as well through one of or Payment Service Provider partners.


Check the boxes right after conversion

Getting the financial part of onboarding done can be an obstacle to a smooth onboarding process. So some of our smarter clients came up with the same idea. First let customers complete their online signup so that the commercial agreement is there. And then send them a request via email or text to authorize recurring payment with a first (token) payment from the bank account or credit card they want to use. A small and easy last step while the customer is already enjoying the decision they just made.

  • Removes friction from onboarding
  • Establishes identity
  • Established access to the funds
  • Low-effort authorization
  • Immediate cash flow

“AcceptEasy is our tool to organize every payment interaction in our customer journeys as intelligently as possible.”

Manager Customers Satisfaction at an insurance company

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