Secure credit card payments during customer contact

Many call centers must be able to accept credit card transactions and do so through MOTO. The customer provides his card type, number, expiration date, and perhaps security code depending on your anti-fraud strategies. The agent keys in this information, often using pen and paper first, into your payment system that either approves or declines the transaction.

Such a process requires a PCI-compliant call center including investment operating cost for physical and procedural security.

There is a better way. While talking, create and send the customer a payment request via email, SMS, or chat with a link to the unique payment page of the Payment Service Provider - who is PCI-compliant. The customer enters their information while the call center never stores or even sees the card data. What you do see, in real-time: whether and when the payment was made successfully, so you can confirm and deliver straight away.

An additional advantage is that the agent spends far less time processing payments, especially if the customer has to try several cards. All while being able to offer your customers a host of alternative online payment methods, such as iDEAL, Paypal, Sofort and Bancontact to name just a few.










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