Improve conversion by... letting people leave?

e-Commerce sites typically combat abandoned shopping carts by optimizing their pages or sending unsolicited messages with discount offers. But often the customer has very valid reasons to go through the whole purchase process, but then need some time to decide.

Give customers the option and freedom to think for a moment before finalizing the purchase. They will love you for it, especially if you make it super easy for them to buy once they are able to pull the trigger.


Expiring options from your site or contact center

Avoid abandoned shopping carts with real-time dynamic payment requests.

  • Provide customers the option at check-out to email the shopping cart to themselves, after which they have minutes, hours or days to complete payment straight from within the email.
  • This dynamic email automatically updates time remaining, or even the remaining stock or current price, every time the message is opened.
  • If a customer orders through your contact center, they can receive the payment request at that very moment via chat, SMS or email allowing them to immediately pay using their preferred payment method.

Surprise and delight your customers with rewards for a quick decision or timely payment?  

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