AcceptEasy joins Serrala Group


Serrala Group Acquires EBPP and RTP specialist

AcceptEasy, provider of an omnichannel Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) and Request-to-Pay (RTP) processing solutions, expands Serrala’s portfolio in areas where real-time payment becomes increasingly important.


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AcceptEasy wins at Worldline e-payments challenge

11 banks and corporates with 14 diverse payments challenges, taken on by 26 fintechs with many Worldline assets at their disposal. This was the e-payments challenge organized by Worldline this summer, culminating in a two-day hackathon in Frankfurt mid-September.

Get Paid Quicker, via any messaging channel

Today, whether through our desktop or smartphone, or via social media and chat apps, we are all connected at any time from just about any place. Consumers require the same from companies they do business with. Questions and complaints should be heard and resolved instantly, via WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Should Debt Collectors use Email as a Consumer Collections Tool?

Even in this day and age of ubiquitous email use as a fully embraced form of person-to-person and enterprise-to-person communication, questions about how and if email should be used as a communications channel related to debt collection is still very much a topic of debate. 

How to Make Bill Payments as Easy as Email and Get Paid Quicker

Making mobile payments is easy nowadays. You can leave your card or cash in your pocket and use your phone to pay for everyday things such as your groceries or a movie ticket. But telecom providers, utilities and insurance companies do not need ‘group expense settling’ or ‘pay on the go’. They just want their customers to pay on time.

AcceptEmail speaks at Women in Payments Symposium in Canada

The 5th Annual Women in Payments Symposium took place on September 20&21 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto. The theme this year was focused on Innovation in Payments. In attendance from AcceptEmail was Melanie Barteaux, Business Development Manager in Canada. Melanie participated in the panel discussion on Innovation in Payments.

AcceptEmail integrated with Salesforce

Salesforce, the most widely used CRM-platform in the world, can now be used to create and send digital bills through a seamless integration with AcceptEmail. Salesforce brings together a comprehensive set of customer data in a single, integrated platform enabling companies to build a customer-centered business with effective marketing, efficient sales efforts, world-class customer service and valuable business analytics.

Why all companies should send digital receipts

There are so many advantages to sending e-receipts, it amazes me that so few companies do. Perhaps it is because they fear that integration with the payment system is too difficult. Or maybe there are simply not enough email addresses available. Whatever the reason, it is a missed opportunity.

One-app-for-everything and everything-in-one-app

I am convinced we only really need one app. One-app-for-everything and everything-in-one-app. And the best part is that everyone has already installed it.

Landing Pages: The Do’s and Dont’s

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