Name Change: AcceptEmail BV becomes Serrala Solutions BV

As previously communicated through various channels, AcceptEmail BV is since the end of February part of the Serrala Group. You can read the press release here. In the meantime we ourselves already got used to the transition which entailed amongst others a change of our own blue color logo and house style towards the Serrala ruby.

Livecrowd is showing you how to let visitors pay and be entertained.

During the free 2-day event on 17 & 18 June at DeFabrique Utrecht, Where Marketing Meets Service will share new insights and trends in the fields of data driven marketing, content marketing, customer journey and voice & chatbots. An inspiring journey along the customer journey touchpoints with a choice of over 100 sessions divided over 10 rooms!

DIA Munich 2018 recap – app and platform fatigue sets in

Showcasing innovation to insurance companies is easier said than done. But living through the experience resulted in valuable feedback on what decision makers are (not) looking for.

Payments innovation from paper customers to digital natives

A primer on the customer journeys we will show the insurance industry at DIA Munich.

AcceptEasy passes ISO 27001 Surveillance Audit

June 2018

ISO 27001-certified organizations are scrutinized by an independent auditor every year to confirm their continued discipline and commitment towards information security. Last week, AcceptEasy passed review by a Lloyd’s Register auditor with flying colors. This is a big deal – not just for us, but also for all the organizations that rely on us (or are still looking for a vendor they can trust). Why?

Innovating insurance: How to speed up with building blocks

Insurance companies understand what needs to happen. They really know which way the many winds are blowing, are retrofitting their ships to catch those winds… only to find that the ship is still slow to move. For every cool startup pilot and board-empowered cross-functional customer-centric Agile team there are stakeholders to convince and legacy systems to cure or kill. Such is life aboard large ships, some say – at least we’re moving in the right direction. But others have found a trick to pick up speed. And it’s a simple trick: standardize on stuff that works.

How Agile Monetization ties it all together

Monetize 9 was not for the faint of heart. On a cold blue day in downtown Amsterdam, the MGI Research event saw over 100 people (largely dark-suited men) from across Europe pack into a stately old conference room. 

Basware partners with AcceptEasy to accelerate small business and consumer payments

Mercedes-Benz Financial and Insurance Services customers have now easier way to pay 

Turning Commerce Into Conversation

For a long time, there wasn’t much variation in the billing experience, no matter who one happened to be. A bill came in the mail, a consumer wrote out a check, that consumer popped that check in the mail — rinse, repeat until all obligations were covered.

AcceptEasy replaces AcceptEmail as name of leading bill pay vendor

New name reflects company vision and omni-channel capabilities

AcceptEmail, the creator and market leader of bill payment via email has changed its name to AcceptEasy. The new name better reflects its capabilities, which have evolved well beyond email. AcceptEasy is the bill service provider enabling payments in all digital channels. 

The company is active since 2007, providing its service to large enterprises and business partners in several countries worldwide. Many innovative features and uses have been released over the years on top of the original scope of replacing paper bills and reminders with email and online payments. Peter Kwakernaak, CEO of AcceptEasy: “The flexibility and architecture of our technology is perfect for all sorts of transactional messaging. Varying from mandates on your online portal, in-app payments, verifying identity, to paying in Messenger. From paper bill suppression to enabling payments via a chat with customer care, or a bill that immediately changes into an entry ticket right upon payment. The payment moment is becoming a personalized and interactive contact moment.”

The data from the platform enhances companies’ insight into customer behaviour. Companies use this to optimize their service offering and improve customer satisfaction. AcceptEasy supports all digital communication channels from web, email, text, social media to chatbots. This enables businesses to engage in conversational billing. "The payment moment is one of the most important steps in the customer journey. Our services make it possible for enterprises to provide consumers and small businesses an optimized brand experience and save costs in the process." says Peter Kwakernaak.

The new name has been launched with a new website. The product AcceptEmail and the website will continue to exist.

AcceptEasy and Basware offer enterprises complete solution for bill payments

AcceptEasy and Basware signed a partner agreement enabling enterprises to send out digital payment requests to SMEs and consumers. Consumers receive an AcceptEasy payment request digitally via e-mail, SMS, social or online that can be completed with a few mouse clicks without registration or log-in.

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Improve your forms, page structure and overall leads. Fusce dapibus

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Name Change: AcceptEmail BV becomes Serrala Solutions BV

As previously communicated through various channels, AcceptEmail BV is since the end of February part of the Serrala Group. You can read the press rel...

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