Turn payments into a green stream

Competition in the energy sector is stiff. Prices are under pressure and energy is considered a commodity with little room for differentiation. You can set yourself apart however as a brand by the convenience and level of service you provide your customers.

Make customer onboarding as frictionless as possible or let your customers choose when and via which channel they want to pay. Whether that is digitally, omnichannel, or pay as you go.

  • Making purchases or paying bills via chat (bots)
  • Follow up of reversed direct debits or forgotten bills
  • Initiate services, pay or authorize online with iDEAL
  • Display identical invoices as PDFs in the customer's online portal


Consumers want to be able to communicate with companies they do business with through every channel. This includes buying and making payments. Make this a reality with real-time payment requests in (live) chats that customers can pay with iDEAL or any other payment method you want to offer your customers.


Onboarding is all about convenience. Provide customers with consistency regardless of whether they make a payment from an email quote or directly on your website. Provide your customers besides iDEAL, also payment options such as Sofort or Paypal. Our PSP partners are happy to help.

Credit Management

Offer all of the classic Alevate RTP applications from back-office systems such as SAP or Oracle. Reach customers via email with payment requests that change color when paid or expired. Track payments in real time and automate reminders.

Customer portal

Customer portals are important and for customers, the ability to receive their bills, make payments, and be able to view their payment history are logical features. Serrala makes all of this possible with everything synchronized in real-time and updates automatically sent by email, SMS or chat.

Looking for increased payment convenience for your customers as well as for yourself?

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