Travelling and need some time to reflect or going last minute?

Travel and outings are the type of purchases where customers normally spend a long time deciding on the right options. Often they simply need some time to reflect and once a decision has been made, they want to be able to arrange everything quickly and digitally. Including any extras that the customer may want to book in advance. Alevate RTP is there at the right time, for example, with a short valid email reservation generated from the website.

  • In-stay options en unpaid bills
  • Subscriptions and contributions

Conversational payments

A reservation, change or upgrade, or an open account. Provide real-time service by empowering contact centers to send payment requests through every channel. Your customer can pay immediately, and the agent (or bot) has real-time insight into the status of the 

Website reservations

Abandoned carts are very common because customers want to consult or need additional time to make a decision. Provide your customers with the choice to email the reservation to themselves directly from the website, as a dynamic payment email that expires after a few hours or days unless complete pay.

In-stay options and open invoices

Holidays are about convenience, including making payments for any outstanding travel bills but also up-sells such as cots or a visit to the sauna. Why have your customers pay with cash or card at a busy counter? Send payment requests directly via SMS or email which automatically become vouchers after payment has been received.

Subscriptions and contributions

Museums, associations, as well as companies, benefit from using a subscription model for recurring revenue. Simplify digital authorizations with iDEAL by making a onetime charge of € 0.01 cent or payment for the first installment.

Looking for increased payment convenience for your customers as well as for yourself?

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