Pay in advance, afterwards or in real-time

The telecom sector is developing rapidly. Price models are also evolving: from paying for just the used call minutes and individual messages to all-inclusive subscriptions. For instant service it is essential to be able to immediately see that payment has been made.

  • Phase out acceptgiros
  • Receive digital authorizations
  • Remove SIM blocks after having received payment
  • Make payment arrangements
  • Conclude mobile phone contracts requiring deposits
  • Charge excess usage
  • Payment reminders for failed payments or forgotten invoices

Phasing out of acceptgiros

The old familiar yellow giro slip will still be around for a while but has really outlived its use. Offer customers a digital alternative and help them with switching over.

Digital authorizations

Placing a check mark and typing in cumbersome IBAN account numbers is inconvenient and unreliable. Authorizing a payment with iDEAL is safe and easy.

Remove service interruptions

With Alevate RTP you immediately see whether someone has paid, allowing you to immediately restore service.

Payment arrangements

Provide your customer with the opportunity - while on the phone with an agent - to pay the first agreed amount. 

Contracts requiring a payment deposit

By requiring an online deposit (where necessary), you reduce credit risk without delaying onboarding a new customer.

Charge excess usage

Provide an easy way for your customers to pay for excess usage that is above the issued authorization.

Payment reminders of unpaid invoices

An expensive month does not have to immediately lead to administrative red tape. With an email or SMS, the customer will often quickly pay any outstanding invoices.

Looking to increase payment convenience for your customers as well as for yourself?

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