Source Systems

From large ERP systems to specialized packages for certain segments or business functions. One or more of them determine when customers can or must pay. This can be an automated process that emits many invoices and reminders every month, or an employee or chatbot who makes a purchase or payment agreement with a customer. Serrala integrates with many applications. If not with your's yet, contact us and we'll work towards a solution.


Examples of integrations

Sometimes it's a modern SaaS app with an API, sometimes a legacy system that generates batch files and gets our reports in return. We've seen and connected many systems. That allows us to tackle any challenge, and often the connection with your system is already there. 

Work for an ISV? By integrating with Serrala, your clients can reach their customer via any channel with payment requests. And we take care of any payment needs - whether the client already has a Payment Service Provider or is starting from scratch.


This is where most bills originate and where real-time insight into payment status is essential. We regularly work with SAP, Oracle (Health Insurance), Salesforce and Exact, but also with adjacent invoicing systems like Basware or industry-specific ERP systems.

Accounting & Credit Management

The nerve centers of finance departments, from where unpaid bills are also chased. Vendors like King Software, Cash Software, Exact, OnGuard, CreditTools and TKB support Serrala to improve bill-to-cash cycles.


Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LiveChat and Whatsapp have become important b2c channels and companies want to enable payment options there as well. Chat platform vendors like SaySimple, Wireless Services and Gen25 support Serrala payment requests straight from their agent consoles. Or even straight from Salesforce.


Want to send real-time payment requests through email, text or chat?

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