New payments without new projects 

Request-to-Pay enables online payment from any system, process or channel. The business end of all those payment requests is the payment itself. Cards of course, but there are many places and reasons to offer alternatives. Below you will find payment methods we can enable for you directly. Prefer Vipps in Norway or P24 in Poland, for example? We can take care of that as well through the 100+ payment gateways we have an off-the-shelf connection to.

This makes us your universal payment connection. Plug new payment options into existing flows. Or leverage existing payment options for new flows. You can determine per country, per brand, per use case or even per customer how people can pay you.


Apple Pay

One of the first cross-bank online payment methods, and the standard in our home country of the Netherlands. Fixed-fee, irrevocable and perfect matching. 



One of the first cross-bank online payment methods, and the standard in our home country of the Netherlands. Fixed-fee, irrevocable and perfect matching. 



Also an irrevocable bank payment. First known as Sofort, now as Klarna. Popular in Germany and a handful of other European countries. With us for a fixed fee.  



The p2p success story from the Netherlands. A payment link via WhatsApp with animated GIF as a happy end. They partner with us to deploy at scale with corporates. 



The payment method with the largest global reach. Handy if you have lots of customers who can’t pay directly from a local bank account. We have a direct integration. 



Still dominant in many countries. Or a conscious choice for convenience, protection or credit. With us at good rates, for example to eliminate MOTO payments. 



Online payment from every European and American bank. Without being a “customer” or “user” of Trustly. From Scandinavia they are connecting more and more banks.  



Bancontact, previously also Mister Cash, is mainly popular in Belgium. We implement through our or your preferred acquirer.  



EPS Uberweisung. The Austrian cross-bank online payment method, enabling direct irrevocable payment from a bank account. The funds reach your IBAN account directly. Fixed fee. 


e-Mandate & SDD

The basis for European subscriptions. We’ll offer the best signing method for the mandates in each country, and can now also process the Direct Debits including sending notifications. 



Online you choose Barzahlen and get a voucher to pay with cash in one of 12,0000 retail locations in Germany. We can even help with the where & when via Apple/Android Wallet. 



The official Dutch bank instrument to obtain a Mandate for Direct Debit from your customers. Our API lets you offer it through any channel. It beats paper or a check box. 



Online you choose Paysafecash and get a voucher to pay with cash at a connected retail locationTheir network is growing in many countries. 



Jump to and pay from your American bank account. The result is a Verified ACH. Recently acquired by Trustly, which started in Scandinavia and Europe. 



The payment product that started it all: the branded email linking to online payment options to replace paper bill pay instruments. Millions of (Dutch) consumers see it as their payment method for many household bills. 




Looking for a Payment (Initiation) Service Provider? Already have a PSP, or even a smorgasbord of them across countries? We’ll handle the connections, so we can be your single point of integration. 



Want to learn how Serrala improves the customer payment process? Contact us to discuss the best solutions for your needs.

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