Payments for mobility 

From owned cars to rented e-bikes, MaaS & more. Seamless transactions make or break the customer journey.

  • Identification & Mandates
  • Recurring payments
  • Online payment methods
  • In-app, email, SMS
  • RTP (Request-To-Pay)
  • Dynamic billing
  • WhatsApp payments
  • QR transactions


Sell, finance, lease, rent, service, park, fuel, charge. If your company helps consumers drive a car, we can help improve the experience like we do for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Leaseplan, Athlon, PON and others.


Mobility startups

Bikes, scooters, cars to rent, share, swap or ride. You want to hit the ground running with a mature payments solution for subscriptions and/or pay-as-you-go models. Our API and European coverage get you there.

Public transport

Public transport operators keep tailoring their plans and ticketing for diverse, flexible and international needs. Serrala can mix and match accordingly, like it does for the Dutch Railways (NS) and for Mobility-as-a-Service initiatives.


Companies offering car insurance, driving lessons and fuel cards also need to interact with their customers when it comes to payments. From a quick WhatsApp payment link to an online SEPA Mandate, we fit the bill.


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