Why wait for instant payments?


Real-time insights of AcceptEasy allows you to act immediately and make intelligent decisions


Real-time payments have been a hot topic in the financial world for many years, and in some countries such payment systems have already been around for a while. Europe will start rolling out its Instant Payments sometime in 2018-2019, and The Clearing House in the United States launched its RTP system in November 2017. Mass adoption of such sea changes may take years however, while real-time business is already possible today.

Certainty for companies

Most use cases for Real-Time / Instant Payments revolve around quickly having certainty that someone has actually paid you. Whereby certainty is defined as the money having arrived in your bank account. So that you can go ahead and deliver the goods or services.

For most larger companies, however, this definition is overkill. Such companies, from insurers or travel operators, have a large enough cash flow buffer as to not be dependent on the availability of an individual payment in order to provide coverage or place a reservation.


For them, certainty that the money is on its way suffices - even if it takes another day (or two) to arrive. Depending on the payment method(s) offered, the risk of the customer asking for a refund is very limited and does not outweigh the benefit of offering immediate service to the vast majority of customers.

Meaning: you mainly need to know that the customer successfully authorized the payment you asked him to make.

Immediate clarity for sender and receiver

This is what AcceptEasy makes possible - regardless of contact channel. From email to chat, from SMS to portal, from paper to app. Our system can track the status of each payment request, and thus provide real-time feedback when the customer has paid that unique transaction reference. The fact that there is still a delay for the banks to credit the money to your account becomes for the most part a side issue.


A few example use cases from our clients

Pay in advance

Wholesalers and telcos use AcceptEasy as a way to reduce credit risk and deliver their services faster to consumers and small businesses.

Last-minute Orders

Suppliers offer this service to sell more and offer a better service. From beer brewery to tour operator to software giant.

Cash on delivery

From parcel delivery to long-haul trucks, AcceptEasy replaces unsafe cash and clumsy payment terminals when customers pay for their goods upon delivery.


Real-time insight ensures that service is immediately restored (or not terminated for that matter). And payment arrangements can be completed on the spot while interacting with your customer.

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