Payments in chat and messaging

Send b2c payment requests through Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, LiveChat and more.



Conversational channels are the future - also for payments

Conversational channels are growing in importance over alternatives like phone and email. This is true for consumers themselves, but also for businesses looking to interact with them. For commerce, for service, for debt collection. 

For many use cases, a payment is a logical transaction arising from the conversation:

  • chats about invoices, reminders, partial payments, changes and more
  • chats about products, reservations, tickets, extra services and more
  • chats about starting or upgrading a subscription

Payment requests are the logical way to accommodate such payments. They let the customers use familiar online payment methods to authorize the pre-filled transaction. Easy, mistake-free, with real-time feedback.

AcceptEasy lets you turn conversations into revenue. Simply call our API to create and send a payment request through any of your conversational channels. We will equip it with the payment methods and gateway you have or prefer, telling you in real-time when a customer has paid.

As with any enterprise process and customer experience, the key to success is in the details. This is where AcceptEasy excels:

  • Integration with your communication and back office systems
  • Design of the payment link message with logo and URL
  • Payment processing to enable perfect reconciliation

AcceptEasy payment requests are already used during chat conversations to pay for insurance, consumer loans, driving lessons, and even merchandise at large events. We will be glad to show and explain how it all works. 

WhatsApp for business

Contact us to learn about WhatsApp templates and the ability to initiate customer contact.

Payment methods

iDEAL, Paypal, Sofort, Bancontact, credit card en many more.


Let customers sign up for Direct Debit with a SEPA-compliant e-Mandate transaction

Contact centers for brands such as TUI, Santander, Achmea, and CZ already use the payment requests from AcceptEasy. How fast would you like to get started?


How do you currently chat?


If your current messaging capabilities are homegrown, fragmented or non-existent, we will be glad to put you in touch with one of our partners in this space. Whether through API integration or their own communications dashboard, they can accelerate your transition to the conversational era including AcceptEasy payment requests.
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