Cross-channel transparency

Consumers nowadays want to choose which apps they use to communicate and arrange their affairs. Also with regards to authorizations or making payments.

Easily unlock any channel used by your customers to present payment requests that they can fulfil quickly and safely. Follow all payments live and automatically update your CRM system in real time.

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In order to compete, you have to be omnipresent and use all the available channels that customers can and want to use.

You have invested in a website, a custom app, and other digital properties. You are present on social media, various chat communication channels such as Whatsapp, and of course, use email which is by far still the most reliable channel for transactional messages.

In the meantime, customers still use their phone to contact your call centers. How do you support and integrate all of this when it comes to authorizations and payments without it becoming one big mess?

At Serrala, omni-channel is more than just a nice buzzword and really means something. A payment request can be initiated and tracked in multiple channels all at the same time.

You may send a payment reminder via a different channel than the initial request. Meanwhile, the call center always has an up to date and complete picture of what the current current status is.

Serrala Alevate RTP keeps everything synchronous, in real time. Paid has been paid, expired has expired. Immediate clarity for everyone - even if a student has sent the bill to dad or mom.

Want to send real-time payment requests through WhatsApp, Messenger or email?

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