Pay in advance, on delivery, or afterwards

Typically large manufacturers and wholesalers sell to small businesses that pay their bills just like consumers do. Their customers also involve credit risk which is why they often have to pay in advance or on delivery. Regular invoices or reminders need to be easy to pay with, for example, iDEAL, Sofort, Paypal, or credit card.

Increasingly, companies dealing primarily with smaller business as their core clientel use Serrala Alevate RTP This helps to save costs, time, while reducing credit risks. Send invoices through email or chat and have real-time insight into the payment status even though the money hasn't actually been credited to your bank account yet. Payment can be made before any goods leave your warehouse, at the customer's delivery location before the truck is unloaded. All elliminating the need for the driver to caryy cash or have a remote payment terminal


Cash on delivery

Truck drivers who need to transport cash are at risk and mobile pin terminals are expensive and inconvenient. With Alevate RTP the recipient has the invoice, which after payment has been made turns green as proof.

Pro forma invoices

Small and mid-sized businesses place orders by email or telephone but often have to pay in advance. Deposits based on PDF invoices can take days. Improve service and increase your bottom-line with real-time payment requests. Track whether all messages have arrived correctly, who has opened them, clicked through and completed payment.

Last-minute orders

Often entrepreneurs suddenly need something on short notice: barrels of beer for the pub, supplies for the gas station, stuff for the store, or materials for a construction project. Arrange fast payments and be able to deliver immediately and delight your customer in the process.


Foreign payment methods other than iDEAL are required in order to serve foreign customers such as Sofort for Germany, Bancontact in Belgium, and of course credit card you no longer want to handle by phone.

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