Digital Payments Transformation for insurers

How customers can pay for insurance is a big deal. To improve the customer experience for major brands and products, to save cost, and to support new business models like instant micro-coverage.

  • Convenient payment requests via email, text, portal, chat & more.
  • From quote to cash including automated preminders.
  • Onboarding for recurring payment (bank- or card-based)
  • Real-time tracking and syncing across channels.


Consumers expect full service through every communication channel, from the client portal to Messenger, Whatsapp and other chat applications. That includes the ability to pay for things. Make this a reality with real-time payment requests in (live) chats that customers can pay with card, bank transfer or any other payment method you want to offer your customers.


Onboarding is all about convenience, whether it involves a single payment, authorizing recurring payments and/or providing identification. The Alevate RTP transactional process can be incorporated into online flows. but also follow straight after by email. With real-time confirmation that the customer acted, service can be delivered immediately.

Credit Management

Offer all of the classic Alevate RTP applications from back-office systems such as SAP or Oracle. Reach customers via email with payment requests that change color when paid or expired. Track payments in real time and automate reminders.

Customer portal

Customer portals are important. Enriching them with the ability to receive, pay and archive bills there as well makes sense, if in sync with primary delivery channels like email and text. Serrala provides cross-channel coverage with dynamic (PDF) copies for both customers and customer-facing teams in Collections or Service.

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