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Klantbeleving is definieerbaar als ‘de perceptie die klanten hebben bij hun interacties met organisaties’.

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Showcasing innovation to insurance companies is easier said than done. But living through the experience resulted in valuable feedback on what decision makers are (not) looking for.

Watch the video to see how it went, or have a look at some of the other innovative demos on DIA TV 

Video image presentatie jeroenAt 10:10, it was our turn to go on stage for eight minutes of fame. Or shame, as the Show & Tell format of the Digital Insurance Agenda event is both relentless and merciless. Next on stage… AcceptEasy. Ok, go. Lights on. Mike on. The clock starts ticking, a thousand people stare at you, and the demo better work while you try to confidently rattle off all the key points that the crowd must understand about your disruptive proposition. No Powerpoint as your shield.

This is not just getting up to say a few words to the bride & groom. This is the moment of truth after getting your insurtech selected, paying good money to be there, weeks of meticulous scripting and rehearsing, firing up the marketing machine, getting strangers to like you with forty-nine other cool vendors also competing for their attention. And we saw people falter: one company couldn’t get their demo to work until there were thirty seconds left. Imagine standing there, nowhere to hide, staring at the laptop that decided to abandon you at the worst possible time.

Ours… went fine. Or so I think, until we see the video in a week or two. The gladiator’s sensory overload did hit me at first, making me stare at my notes for a second or two before getting back on track. Ehhhhmmm. Here, look:

I love how Arjan – my chain partner - can only stare helplessly at me: come on Jeroen, you can do this! Right?? 

After that, it all came off as planned with about seven seconds to spare in the end. More importantly, loads of insurers visited our booth during the subsequent breaks, complimented our session, and wanted to know more about innovating (bill) payment interactions. 

Voor vragen of om een afspraak te maken e-mail ons op:

Jeroen Dekker
ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Jeroen Dekker
Jeroen Dekker has been working for AcceptEasy since 2016 after 15 years of experience at international B2B software companies as product (marketing) manager. He was product owner and spokesperson for the Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions of Fiserv. Jeroen holds degrees from the Haarlem Business School and Northern Arizona University.

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