Serrala at the Dia - How financial software helps innovate insurance

We were one of the sixty chosen companies to present our solution on the Show & Tell stage at the DIA conference in Amsterdam last June. The DIA is the leading conference worldwide for InsurTech companies to share their innovations for the insurance sector. It is a place to connect with other innovators in the insurance industry and keep us up to date with all the new trends.

This time our solution architect, Jeroen Dekker, and Solution Success Director RTP, Bart de Vries, demonstrated our unique cross-channel bill presentment and payment strategy in front of 1250 participants. Insurers rely on Serrala to collect payments through digital mandates for direct debits, bringing an alternative to direct debit, taking care of reconciliation of payments sending reminders, and being flexible in collections. How people pay their bills is a crucial part of the customer experience. 


Pushing payment requests with our omnichannel solution provides choice, convenience, and clarity to customers; wherever someone chooses to pay, the message is instantly updated across all these different channels. This solution helps insurance companies around the world by simplifying the payment process for their customers, as well as; improving the customer payment experience by offering the payment methods their customers prefer and making the process as convenient as possible. One of the features that got additional attention is the option to pay later, which offers customers the payment flexibility they may need. We displayed a real-time example to show how quick and easy it is to use.


Besides the demonstration, we also had a booth where insurance providers and other innovators could ask questions and discuss their challenges with us. To watch the demonstration, click here or on the button below! 

You can also find us in the DIA TOP 100 InsurTech companies to watch in 2021, next to other highly innovative InsurTech companies that are changing the world of insurance. We were selected since our request-to-pay solution realizes significantly higher payment conversion rates and the customer friendliness of the process. For more information, click here or on the button below!


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A primer on the customer journeys we will show the insurance industry at DIA Munich.

So I’m from Holland. More importantly, my company is from Holland, where we are pretty far along with digitalization in general - and payments in particular. Automatic recurring direct debit for most biller relationships, and iDEAL as the great success story for individual real-time online payments from any participating bank on the Dutch market. Both have been around for many years.

As AcceptEasy, we have always stressed the channels, messages and interactions around those payments, pushing iDEAL beyond webshops and into email, SMS, portals and chat for invoices, reminders and other use cases. And that is where the action is happening in insurance as well – in the Netherlands, but just as applicable to insurers elsewhere.

At the DIA conference in Munich (Germany)  we showcased three real-world scenarios. They essentially reflect where brands can be in their digital transformation as it relates to payments. Or more accurately, where their customers might be.

The past: digital adoption

If small and highly digitalized Holland still has millions of customer relationships for which the biller only has a physical address, you can imagine the numbers for other countries. The result: large customer bases you can’t reach with your smart digital products and communications. High costs, missed opportunities, slow processes, no data, and that’s before you get to resulting payment problems like late and wrong payments.

Those paper bills however can be the entry ticket to get those customers started on their, and your, digital journey. Instead of waiting blindly for money to make it to a bank account, insurers can start getting real-time confirmation of perfect payments that bring convenience to customers. And while those customers experience that convenience, registering a digital address becomes a small step instead of a giant leap. But a giant leap it is, especially for an insurer who can see bill pay cycles cut from days to minutes. Who can start tracking the status of each message and payment in real-time. Who can personalize and optimize communications based on that behavioral data.

The present: cross-channel service

While paper is paper, digital is many things. Insurers invest heavily in building their own communication channels like their portal, their app and their site. Consumers in the meantime may still prefer channels they already have and use, like email, text and chat. All of them have merit. Consumers expect you not only to be wherever they prefer, but also to deliver perfect service whenever they see fit. This means not just choice, but also consistency and transparency across those channels.

A very common scenario with our insurance clients is that bills are sent by email while a live copy is placed in the portal and/or the mobile app (also to offer an archiving function). The bill is directly payable from any of those instances, also when the email gets forwarded to someone else. After a few days, a reminder via (SMS) text might follow while the Customer Contact Center also gets a copy and can offer the same payment request via WhatsApp, Messenger or other channels.

Wherever and whenever the customer pays, all instances should immediately reflect that. Customers are busy people, many have partners, few like administrative chores. If my wife happens to be in the portal and pay our bill, the email version in my inbox should reflect that and no longer be payable. Omnichannel should not just be multiple channels; channels should be in sync.

The future: instant micro-coverage

With the masses now safely aboard your digital omnichannel ship, we can turn our attention to the elusive digital natives. The coveted millennial-and-younger demographic who give you ten seconds before moving on. Who want right-sized insurance offerings for their diverse and changing lives. And who are sick of downloading yet-another-app for anything, let alone for another insurance brand.

For them we enable the payment and messaging portions of instant micro-coverage. From the insurer’s onboarding page, the consumer only needs to leave an email address and authorize a one-off payment. After that, the magical AcceptEasy email with its patented technology becomes a dynamic bill, proof of coverage and the vehicle to easily stop coverage again. Payment for the exact right amount then happens automatically in the background, much like getting out of the (by now almost proverbial) Uber ride. Sounds and looks simple, but that’s the goal of elegant technology solutions.

So if you’re going to DIA, be sure to attend our Show & Tell on Thursday morning and find us at our booth throughout the day. Find us in the Bizzabo event app to get in touch!

If you can’t make it, we’ll be glad to give you a private demo of these and other capabilities.

Jeroen Dekker
OVER DE AUTEUR | Jeroen Dekker
Jeroen Dekker joined Serrala Solutions in 2016 after 15 years at international B2B software companies as bridge between market(ing) and product. He was product manager and spokesperson for the Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions of Fiserv. Jeroen holds degrees from the Haarlem Business School and Northern Arizona University.

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