Serrala at the Dia - How financial software helps innovate insurance

We were one of the sixty chosen companies to present our solution on the Show & Tell stage at the DIA conference in Amsterdam last June. The DIA is the leading conference worldwide for InsurTech companies to share their innovations for the insurance sector. It is a place to connect with other innovators in the insurance industry and keep us up to date with all the new trends.

This time our solution architect, Jeroen Dekker, and Solution Success Director RTP, Bart de Vries, demonstrated our unique cross-channel bill presentment and payment strategy in front of 1250 participants. Insurers rely on Serrala to collect payments through digital mandates for direct debits, bringing an alternative to direct debit, taking care of reconciliation of payments sending reminders, and being flexible in collections. How people pay their bills is a crucial part of the customer experience. 


Pushing payment requests with our omnichannel solution provides choice, convenience, and clarity to customers; wherever someone chooses to pay, the message is instantly updated across all these different channels. This solution helps insurance companies around the world by simplifying the payment process for their customers, as well as; improving the customer payment experience by offering the payment methods their customers prefer and making the process as convenient as possible. One of the features that got additional attention is the option to pay later, which offers customers the payment flexibility they may need. We displayed a real-time example to show how quick and easy it is to use.


Besides the demonstration, we also had a booth where insurance providers and other innovators could ask questions and discuss their challenges with us. To watch the demonstration, click here or on the button below! 

You can also find us in the DIA TOP 100 InsurTech companies to watch in 2021, next to other highly innovative InsurTech companies that are changing the world of insurance. We were selected since our request-to-pay solution realizes significantly higher payment conversion rates and the customer friendliness of the process. For more information, click here or on the button below!


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June 2018

ISO 27001-certified organizations are scrutinized by an independent auditor every year to confirm their continued discipline and commitment towards information security. Last week, AcceptEasy passed review by a Lloyd’s Register auditor with flying colors. This is a big deal – not just for us, but also for all the organizations that rely on us (or are still looking for a vendor they can trust). Why?

Customers + Messages + Payments = Risk

We’re a vendor of software & services to generate and send millions of payment requests to consumers and small businesses. As such, we receive a lot of data from our clients. This is serious business in terms of privacy and information security, especially as we facilitate money changing hands. Even more so because we serve many large brands who do not want their reputation damaged by a supplier who messes up. Fortunately, we’ve had security top of mind since we came into business some ten years ago. This has served our clients (and their customers) well – more on that below.  

Security = Technology + Process + People

Even so, about two years ago we decided to embark on a journey to become certified against the leading global standard for information security, ISO/IEC 27001. A main reason for that decision was that information security is not just about IT – it’s also about people’s behavior, processes and organizational controls. Tools don’t take contracts off a printer or business cards off a desk – people do. As we grow in staff, customer base and international footprint, making sure that everyone does things right every time becomes increasingly important. And if (if) there is even a minor potential incident, we take the right steps to resolve and report the situation and prevent it in the future. ISO forces you to think and act. It keeps you on your toes as business and technology evolves rapidly. Not just as a standard, but as a set of mandatory periodical ceremonies. 

I’m doing this for you, you’ll thank me later

So we succeeded in getting our ISO27001 certification in 2017 (on our first try), and showed last week that this was not just a flurry of activity to get a piece of paper. From IT to Marketing to HR to Operations, our people take this stuff seriously all day every day – sometimes even saying no to our own clients to protect them from themselves:

  • Some clients have tried to hand us batch files containing customer data through insecure means, which we then politely refuse even if it risks delaying a large run that brings us revenue.
  • Same for private keys needed to connect our systems to theirs to go live.
  • Our people don’t log on to unprotected wi-fi unless through VPN, even if that prevents us from doing an online sales demo.
  • We only use approved software even if another tool could help us, and in general protect the data we receive and generate.
  • As ISO rolls into GDPR, we collaborate on the required Data Processor Agreement between the client and AcceptEasy and often take the initiative in providing our default agreement. 

Demand the real thing, not just good intentions

As a corporate or government organization, you should demand all this from a service provider (especially where cloud-based software and customer data are involved). And not just as a set of RFP questions whose boxes are more easily checked than the reality on the ground. But by means of proven and continued independent ISO-certification. Smaller vendors are great, but they need your business and can easily resort to smoke and mirrors to appear earnest and secure. As we now know, passing an ISO audit requires and proves the real awareness, the real policies, the real tools and the real rigor that keep the information you entrust us with secure. This blog by a peer vendor explains it differently.

We hope you appreciate the importance of ISO-certification as you evaluate vendors like us going forward. Your customers sure do, even if they’re blissfully ignorant of what it takes to protect them.

p.s. Just so you know, keeping your data secure does also cost some money.

Jeroen Dekker
OVER DE AUTEUR | Jeroen Dekker
Jeroen Dekker joined Serrala Solutions in 2016 after 15 years at international B2B software companies as bridge between market(ing) and product. He was product manager and spokesperson for the Financial Crime Risk Management Solutions of Fiserv. Jeroen holds degrees from the Haarlem Business School and Northern Arizona University.

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